07 Aug, 2023

Database Administrator (DBA) has the responsibility of securing, operating and maintaining databases that ensure the data is properly retrieved and stored. Furthermore, DBA constantly works with developers to design and enforce new features and troubleshoot any issues. Also, it must have knowledge of both business and technical needs.
In today’s informative-driven business environment DBA is becoming more valuable and important that’s why globally most organizations depend on data to discover analytical insight on new business models, cost-cutting measures and market conditions. Global cloud computing is also developing as companies move their business operations to the cloud. Hence, the want of certified DBA is a way to success.
If we talk about DBA in simple terms, it is responsible for the integrity, management and organization of a company’s data. However, the distinct responsibilities, job titles, roles and responsibilities of a DBA can differ, the DBA implements the knowledge of database management system (DBMS) to maintain, secure, define, create and back up an organization’s database.

Important Aspects of DBA

  • Principal objective of a Database Administrator (DBA) is to ensure that authenticated users have access to the data they require.
  • DBA has a high level of expertise in the appropriate database, related technologies and excellent problem-solving proficiency, and knows how to deal and communicate with a range of non-techies and techies correspondingly.
  • Usually, all organizations depend heavily on a database. 

Database Administrators work with business analysts and information systems managers to generate databases that help business requirements and control those databases operating smoothly and securely.
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Responsibilities of Oracle Database Administrator

Oracle Database Administrator specialized in Oracle Database Management and its role acquainted with the system level constituting tasks of Database Maintenance, Data handling specialized, Installation Database backup & recovery. DBA optimizes and monitors performance and improves the slow execution or long-running queries, and makes a plan according to the volume of data.
DBA develops a Database in a method that can control large volumes of data. Below mentioned are the significant responsibilities of a Database Administrator: 

  • Database maintenance, monitoring, installation and patching
  • DBA builds and supports SQL and PL / SQL queries and shell scripts
  • Memory utilization and Management
  • DBA improves the Database system
  • Routine security measure
  • Database migration
  • Database instance
  • Monitor database system

Distinct Categories of Oracle DBA

With specific duties, knowledge and responsibilities there are various types of Database administrators such as;

  • System Administrators
  • Database Architects
  • Database Analysts
  • Data Modelers
  • Application DBAs
  • Task-oriented DBAs
  • Performance Analysts
  • Data Warehouse Administrators
  • Cloud DBAs

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Oracle Database Administration (DBA) is a position that includes different and strong privileges that provide the capability to manage database systems and maintain productivity as expected. Oracle DBA is well-specialized and skilled to keep a database environment stable and operating to keep business continuity as it is capable of managing data on a large scale. In the world, the Oracle database is one of the most known database management systems which is used by a maximum number of organizations in the market.
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