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  • 17 Feb, 2023

AWS Certification with Benefits - All you need to know

AWS Certification is a very popular and authorized certification that helps professionals to enhance their skills in the cloud. As we find a lack of cloud expertise in today’s corporate world, it becomes the biggest challenge for corporations. So, to compete this challenge, there is a necessity of professionals who are certified by Amazon Web Services (AWS). As compared to other cloud certifications, AWS courses are chosen by professionals as it is the dominant cloud expert with the highest growth rate.

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AWS is a widespread certification that is even popular to the current date and helps companies to enhance their businesses and reap benefits from it. AWS certification is an important and must-have certification from a professional’s point of view to get deep knowledge of cloud computing.

AWS Certification

In 2004, Amazon began presenting web services, also known as cloud computing, as an IT infrastructure service for aspirants who want to enhance their skills in cloud computing. Amazon Web Services, an acronym of AWS renders on-demand cloud computing services for business use, government projects and personal use on the basis of paid subscription.

AWS is a subsidiary of that allows you to utilize web services to create sophisticated and scalable applications which provide your business qualities like analytics services, computing, payments services, on-demand workforce, development and management tools, storage services, mobile networking, content delivery management system, messaging services, app services and database management.

Benefits of AWS Certification

1. Qualified for the future achievements
AWS is amongst the top providers of cloud service. Hence, the benefits of AWS certification can aid you to qualify for the upcoming new techniques in the IT professional job market. AWS reflects incremental growth in revenue and has 31% of the market share. Most of the companies would need AWS-certified professionals to enhance their business. Hence, AWS certification helps you to qualify for future achievements and improve your skills and increase your request as a job candidate.
2. Learn unique methods for developing professional expertise
AWS certifications need a lot of practice, study and commitment to learning everyday new AWS technologies and tools. Moreover, it's important to stay updated with the latest developments in AWS certification and for that, you need to be aware of the recertification which is a need of every candidate. Hence to maintain the certification you need to invest effort and show your expertise to learn unique methods for developing professional expertise.
3. Opportunity to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
AWS certifications’ most important benefit is gaining eligibility for the Subject Matter Expert (SME) program. AWS-certified professionals can easily access the SME program of AWS as it helps aspirants learn more about AWS services and features. Also, professionals can take part in the workshops and exam development process as Subject Matter Experts. So, it helps to achieve credentials that reflect in your resume your contributions as a benchmark certification program.
4. Possibilities to grow a professional network
AWS certification obtains recognition to certified experts and the main advantage of this certification is joining the AWS-certified Global Community. Also, as a certified professional, you can access the AWS-certified LinkedIn community and network. And to develop your professional network in the community you are able to find many opportunities. AWS certification opens new doors of opportunities, professional gatherings, attending meetups and conferences which helps to interact with many professional people and expand your network.
5. Improve the visibility of your resume
Many global organizations are demanding AWS-certified professionals who have well-trained experts in AWS certification. As they need professionals who have the best and ideal practices while implementing any tools and techniques. So, if you’re AWS certified there is a chance of hiring as it highlights your resume and improves visibility.
6. Get a hike in PayScale 
According to the Global Knowledge surveys current estimate, AWS certification can help to enhance the salary of a certified professional by almost 25.9%. As compared to non-certified professionals, AWS certified professionals get more hike in their salary. This clearly reflects that AWS certification advantages can place a hefty pay in your hands every month.

As we discussed above there is an extensive demand for AWS Certified professionals as enterprises are using cloud-based services. Hence cloud computing has become an important want of every enterprise to increase their business levels. For pursuing AWS exams, the candidates are advised to have prior knowledge of any programming language and cloud computing experience.

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