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Salesforce Exam Vouchers

Salesforce-Exam Price:- Rs 19352(*Including Tax)

Our Price:- Rs 14160

You Save Rs 5192 (27%)

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Salesforce Certifications are industry-recognized credentials that help professionals kickstart their careers in Salesforce. The demand for Salesforce and related skills is relatively high currently. Salesforce is one of the world’s leading CRM. It is composed of different cloud platforms that help manage customer interaction. The various Salesforce credentials validate your expertise in different Salesforce applications and tools. It helps in increasing sales and gaining customer relations expertise in an organization. The certification opens various doors for career advancements. If you buy a Salesforce exam voucher from Global IT Success it will help against the high exam fee. More than 30 Salesforce certifications are available for Administrators, App Builders, Developers, Marketers, Consultants, etc. The Salesforce certification is the best way to prove your professional credibility to potential employers.

The Salesforce job market is volatile and certified professionals are in dire need. To help aspirants get certified at a lower price and prove their competencies in Salesforce technology, Global IT Success provides you with valid exam vouchers to get a discount on the Salesforce certification exam fee. Global IT Success is an authorized Salesforce certification exam vouchers reseller. The platform provides a special off on your exam deal. Get flat 27% off with Global IT Success now.


This Salesforce Certification exam voucher is valid for only Salesforce exams having a 200$ fee.

Buy your discounted Salesforce Certification exam voucher with us today and save huge money.

Q: Where is this Salesforce certification exam voucher valid?

Ans: The Salesforce certification exam voucher is valid for online testing or at the Kryterion testing center.

Q: Is this voucher valid for all Salesforce certification exams?

Ans: No, this voucher is valid for only Salesforce certification exams having 200$ exam fee.

* The voucher must be used to schedule and sit for the exam on or before the expiration date.

* A voucher can be used by one person, one time, for one exam discount/fee only.

* Voucher sent via email.

* Voucher is full payment for exam.

* Voucher is valid only for the country from the origin where it is purchased.(Like India, USA, UK etc)

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shashank aitha 9/8/2023 12:58:20 AM

Thanks for the voucher. got discount around 30% for CKA examination.

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Sarkhan Allahverdiyev 9/1/2023 3:25:46 PM

Hi, Great discount, great prise. Very friendly and patient team helps me to get Oracle voucher for exam. I will recommend this team to my friends/colleagues.

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Dulanjali Koswatte 7/12/2023 4:53:17 PM

Can I get discount stil?

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